Small Practices


When it comes to Credentialing and Payor Enrollment, Small Practices have limited time and resources for dealing with manually intensive Credentialing and Payor Enrollment processes.

I-Enroll for Small Practices takes the pain out of responding to Hospital’s and Payor’s requests for the same information.

Hosted, managed and monitored inside high performing, fully redundant and highly secure data centers, Small Practices can now afford to transform how they manage and store their Provider information.


Simply enter Provider information and documentation once and I-Enroll for Small Practices will prepopulate the numerous paper forms that your hospitals and payors require.

Re-Credentialing is also because of I-Enroll’s Automated Expiry feature which generates alerts informing Small Practices as to when key documents and licenses will expire. And because Provider information is stored electronically, only Provider information that has changed or has been added needs to be updated within I-Enroll. I-Enroll for Small practices even maintains dynamic checklists to eliminate the need to manually track the status of your Credentialing and Payor Enrollment tasks.

I-Enroll’s built in Document Management system also eliminates the need to store paper based copies of supporting documents that Hospitals and Payors require.

Laptops and PCs with Internet connectivity are all that are needed.

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