Payor Reporting

Our reporting team is steeped in expertise for the Healthcare and Payor business domains. This means we knowing how critical it is tohave the right reports and information at your fingertips.

Our team of report writing experts aren’t just order takers. We collaborate. We inquire. We put ourselves in your shoes to gain your perspective of why a report or set of reports is needed. Only then do we go to work on developing reports that deliver insight and business value.

Examples of custom reports we routinely create:

  • Provider Network Concentration
  • Eligibility Reports
  • Credentialing Cycle Completion Time (from Provider Added to Credentialed)
  • Provider Expiring Credentials Report
  • Network Growth/Decline – Number of Providers added in a month
  • Payment Summary Reports
  • Premium Bill/Invoice and Summaries
  • Deductible and Limit Accumulator Reports

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