Data Conversion and Migrations

Santéch’s team of experienced database and integration experts have deep expertise with healthcare and insurance data. Our knowledge, expertise and proven approach to integrating systems has resulted in numerous successful conversions and migrations for large payors, provider networks and group practices.

Being well versed in how to address data challenges that include helping clients deal with missing, redundant and/or inconsistent data, our proven approach to data migrations and conversions is based on:

  • Thoroughly understanding our clients’ source and destination systems – This means gaining a deep understanding of the business functions that rely on the accuracy and quality of data being migrated or integrated.
  • DeepData Analysis – Santéch personnel conduct detailed analysis on data types, formats and structures to identify data discrepancies, inconsistencies and data outliers.
  • Interactive Data Mappings –These are developed to clearly visualize how data is moved and from existing systems to a target application.
  • I-XChange Data Conversion/Migration – Leveraging our proprietary tool, I-XChange, we build and simulate specific data scenarios (tables/fields, data validations, formats etc) to save significant time, effort and resources.

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