Provider Re-Credentialing

Re-credentialing is challenging for payors and its costlier than what it appears to be keeping track of recreds, sending applications, follow-ups and handling incomplete applications.

Significant percentage of providers get dropped out of Network during re-creds as the application never reached the right person at right time.

Benefits of Provider Re-credentialing Solution:

  • Load your provider roaster in I-Network with effective dates.
  • System highlights any bad data (wrong NPI, Invalid address, tax id etc) for fixing.
  • View upcomingre-creds in I-Network on daily basis (6 months ahead of re-cred dates).
  • Send re-cred requests with “click of a button” (using your current applications).
  • Receive completed application with digitally signed applications and attestations.
  • Option to send out Paper application if Provider doesn’t respond.

Member satisfaction with updated directories

I-Network's Provider Directory Solution automates the process of notifications and follow-ups. With an intuitive and easy to use online web portal and e-sign capability the solution enables you to send out Directory Verification and update request electronically and allow providers to update and attest the information from anywhere, anytime.