Provider Directory Update

Provider directory management is difficult in identifying providers for directory updates, timely follow ups, monitoring provider directory status and in managing provider updates.

And as per Industry survey shows that inaccuracy in Provider Directories have resulted in significant penalties and member dissatisfaction.

Benefits Of I-Network Productivity Suite:

  • Automatically identify Providers due using an intuitive listing.
  • Automated tracking and easy notifications.
  • Single view of Providers across multiple networks with real time status.
  • Automated tracking of changes made for easy review and update.
  • Allow providers to update and attest from anywhere, anytime.

Member satisfaction with updated directories

I-Network's Provider Directory Solution automates the process of notifications and follow-ups. With an intuitive and easy to use online web portal and e-sign capability the solution enables you to send out Directory Verification and update request electronically and allow providers to update and attest the information from anywhere, anytime.