New Provider Enrollment

Identifying network gaps is a difficult process however once you know them, recruitment and new provider enrollment is even more difficult and time consuming. The traditional process is costly, in-efficient and has limited outreach. Slack paper-based application process badly affects provider recruitment across the industry.

I-Networks’ new provider enrollment solution enables you to instantly identify providers, based on their specialty, in a specific geography. It allows you to send a recruitment notification to the selected providers and have them apply electronically if they are interested.

Benefits of Provider Enrollment Solution:

  • Provide an intuitive search platform to find new providers by adding filters like geographical location, specialization etc.
  • Enables a targeted outreach to providers on-a-click.
  • Provide a secure web-based platform for providers to apply.
  • Ensure application accuracy and completeness in-place based on your business rules.
  • Easy third party verification with built-in adapters.