For many Hospitals and Practices, Provider onboarding is often a long and drawn out process. Even
Re-credentialing can feel like the process is starting from scratch.

Is Your Provider Onboarding Process a Source of Frustration?

Onboarding a Provider can be frustrating. Frustrating for Providers. Frustrating for administrative staff. Frustrating for Health care executives who are now taking serious note that inefficient Provider Management capabilities are impacting patients' quality of careand organizations bottom lines.

Unfortunately,for the better part of two decades, Provider Management solutions (external and internal) have changed little. Siloed, manually intensive paper based processes are still the norm, as are dependencies on tribal knowledge for collecting, managing, and processing Provider information.

Enter I-Enroll

I-Enroll empowers organizations (large and small) to transform siloed Provider Management activities into intuitive, streamlined and finely integrated processes.With I-Enroll, multiple users and departments now get to work like a well-oiled machine that also provides transparency into Provider Management activities across the enterprise.

Download our one page brochure and white paper to learn more about I-Enroll’s capabilities including:
  • Improving revenue streams
  • Dramatically speeding up the Provider Application process
  • Improving Provider data quality early in the process
  • Achieving paperless Credentialing
  • Simplifying the Payor Enrollment process
  • Significantly reducing time spent on follow ups with Providers and Payors
  • Automating notifications on expiries
  • And more!